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Why aluminum alloy high-speed boats are favored by boat enthusiasts

Unknowingly, aluminum alloy high-speed boats have become the choice of sailing enthusiasts. If you understand aluminum alloy high-speed boats, you can easily understand why people choose aluminum alloy high-speed boats.

Precautions for firefighting boats

Training on water supply operation of fire boats. The use of firefighting boats for water supply mainly needs to solve the problems of hose laying and linkage with land firefighting forces.

How to choose the right fiberglass work boat

In fact, choosing a glass fiber reinforced plastic work boat is like choosing a small car on the one hand, considering its safe driving characteristics, speed, sailing, service life, safety, etc.

How to deal with problems with integrated law enforcement patrol boats and integrated law enforcement work boats?

Law enforcement patrol boats will have common problems such as water leakage and discoloration of the rubber shell, so how to deal with them and what are the reasons?
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